What to Bring Along:

  • Shorts & t-shirts
  • Bathing suit
  • Water shoes/tennis shoes
  • Bug spray
  • Sun screen
  • Water
  • Cameras (Waterproof)
  • DURATION: 6 Hours

On our arrival to the Caves Branch site, we gear up with helmets, waterproof headlamps, and our inner tubes. We take a flat trail for about 10 minutes and cross the river and through the jungle for about 45 minutes before entering one of the many cave entrances and passages that make up the cave system.

We hop in the water in our tubes and float toward the first of two cave passages. The river stroll in and out of the caves system and we are carried along by its current to another world. Floating downstream through the cave passages we learn about the geology and ancient history of the limestone cave system. We also learn about the Mayan culture, the indigenous inhabitants of the area who used the caves for ceremonial purposes for thousands of years.

At the exit of the last cave, we have a 20 minute river float through lush rainforest that leads us back to the parking area. We then have a homemade picnic lunch before leaving the reserve.