What to Bring Along:

  • Shorts & t-shirts
  • Bathing suit
  • Water shoes/tennis shoes
  • Bug spray
  • Sun screen
  • Water
  • Cameras (Waterproof)
  • DURATION: 6 Hours

One of the most impressive natural sites in the Toledo District is the “Hokeb Ha” Cave at Blue Creek village. The cave is a 20 minute hike from the village. Hike a well marked path along the creek, until a clearing appears. Pass through the research station in the clearing finding the wide trail on the other side. After crossing the dry creek, the trail may become vague, but continue along the creek heading upstream along the base of increasingly steep limestone cliffs. In a few minutes, a 10 foot waterfall and the main cave entrance appears.

The huge cave entrance is carved from the summit of a hill where the Blue Creek gurgles up from underground. The creek runs out the entrance of the cave, cascading over limestone boulders, under the towering shadows of the surrounding rainforest. Archaeologists have found many Late Classic ceramics and an altar inside the cave, leading them to theorize that the Hokeb Ha cave was used specifically for ceremonial purposes. The calm water at the main entrance is perfect for swimming most times of the year. At certain times during the rainy season, the cave is not accessible due to the possibility of a sudden rise in water.